Former Haunts

It’s been a long time since I’ve hiked the banks of the Truckee. Flows are up from the dismal trickle of the last several months, and the Sierra’s snow-pack sit today at 110%. We’re certainly not out of the woods, but the woods are looking snowy and that’s a win. Got out for a quick session with Gilligan and he proved that a streamer rig is a legitimate winter option.

35 degrees below the surface and 30 degrees above. Layers on layers on layers.


Elliot loving every moment of a winter outing.


When the fishing is slow, you play with your dog.


Every seven minutes my rod stopped mending. It’s been so long, it took me a while to remember why.


I guarantee you’re having a better day than this guy.


The scoop.


Pretty damn impressive pulling a brown out of winter water on a streamer.


Shadowy return.


Go make 1,000 babies and get this river resurrected.

Might try to get out one more time before I head home to the PNW, but thankful to be out on the river. Doing things I miss in places I miss with people I miss. Merry Christmas and here’s to an epic winter.

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