The Inaugural

I received a text from a fishing buddy that wanted to start the year off right with his first trout of 2015 and I was of the same mind.  Some guys can be hard to fish with, but Brandyn is a great angler, not to mention easy-going and considerate.

Brandyn found a lane with a few smaller bows in it when a very specific sound rang across the river.  In a blink, his Cabelas rod went from a 4-piece to a 5-piece.  I was watching him when it happened, and the 14″ rainbow that was the “cause” was neither monstrous nor particularly determined.  He wasn’t even horsing it in.  On the hike out, Brandyn muttered, “I should have listened to the reviews that said it’ll snap for no good reason.”

While I was thinking we’d just prematurely rung the last-call bell, Brandyn said he’d fish his new dilapidated custom 7′ rod and make the most of the two guides he had left.  This wasn’t the worst idea, as evidenced below.  We both found a half-dozen fish each, on 8 different flies.  Suffice to say, the usual suspects for winter fishing are worth trying: baetis, midges, stones, and annelids.  The most activity has been in the afternoons when things warm up a bit.

We need snow.  BadReal bad.  While I’d rather be reporting that the snowpack is so deep that fishing now it just more work than it’s worth, it was still a glorious day away from the hustle of life.


2 thoughts on “The Inaugural

  1. This quote came from another blog I check out frequently; clearly we really need these next few months to pick it up!

    “Spoke with a guy who works with the Bureau of Reclamation, and he said we need Feb. and March to be 200+% of average (assuming January remains dry as expected) in order to keep storage reservoirs above specific levels to allow for enough water throughout the summer months in order to keep the Truckee River fishery alive. I am assuming it would take 10-15 years for the river to recover to the fishery we know and love today should Feb. and March not meet those amounts.”

    “A lot is at stake over these next few months! “

    1. So true. I myself am praying for heavy snow to begin the process of leaving this drought behind us. Without heavy precipitation, next year will be simply awful.

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