Our Video Leaked…

Well, we weren’t quite ready, but the video we produced in partnership with TruckeeRiverKeepers.com leaked.

We’d love to have you drop by their site and sign your name joining the voluntary hoot owl closure.

A Proposed Hoot Owl Closure on the Truckee River from Catch, Snap, & Release on Vimeo.

One thought on “Our Video Leaked…

  1. Well done. Looks like the bit of rain we had postponed the Boca outflow drop by a few days. Tomorrow 7/30 we’ll finally see it although I would expect a little more in the way of supplemental flows to kick in to lessen the blow. I would guess roughly 150-175 at the Reno gage; will find out soon enough. Gotta be a little worried about the state of things out east, everything else should be ok. Heres hoping for a cool, monsoon filled August.

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